Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazzy day...

Today was one lazy day...
just slept slept & slept... end of day was good.. met anirudh & asit...

Talked with Namyata on phone...she is excited to talk on phone now...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Door Bell / my first phone talk with Nammu

Looks like Nammu has learned to ring a bell...
She talked to me for the first time on Phone... Oaayeeee....

total turn back...hurray!

I was able to do a total turn back today...(ofcourse with some support).

I     I
| O |
  | |
total turn back
  /         \   --
|   |        O   |  |


Eeeew...Don't like it

As the status grows and one is over confident.... he/she does some basic mistakes.
And that is what I am facing...I am hooked with some one who I feel is not making good attempts to improve the situation.
However, the part that I dont like is that I am being put in front of customer because I have a good impression on him.
I am in a totally helpless situation.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yestarday (4th Jan 2010)

   She repeated Hangaay.. 4 times.. after me...
   Then when I was confident that she is following me..

  I tried to say pappa... and guess what she said!


 However after repeated efforts she continued try papa.. but didnot speak that word...

First Crawl

Today 5th Jan 2010,
    Namu crawled to Yogita for sponge bath.
    This was her first effort to reach destination!

    Now she is able to crawl easily...and grab almost anything...

   She is on constant look out for pick...

Phone Talk

5th Jan 2010,
  she blabbered for the first time on the phone!
  video is recorded - will upload soon.
  She had her first conversation with her attya (Neeta Didi)

  So Sweet!